House of the Standing Moon


April 17, 2015 When reflecting on my experience with Jane Anne Thomas, I find myself up against the wonderfully human conundrum of finding words to articulate an experience that is fundamentally ineffable, numinous, and transcendent…

It has been thirteen days since my reading with Jane Anne and I am delighted at the synchronicity of this timing. Thirteen, after all, is the number on the Animal Medicine card that was drawn during my reading. Thirteen days later, her words are still so alive in me and I am still re-visiting gems from our session each day.

My reading with Jane Anne was a generous gift from a girlfriend. Not knowing what to expect, I approached the experience with an open heart and an open mind. I had no idea that I would be transported to realms beyond my imagining and presented with mystery and wisdom skillfully harvested therein. Jane Anne opened the session with a powerful invocation that I felt in the depths of my marrow. She called in worlds of teachers, guides, ancestors, and protectors across all planes of existence – including all those who have ever loved me. As she communicated across time and space, Jane Anne received a wealth of information for me. She spent the majority of our session translating these messages in ways I could easily receive. She sketched images to give shape to information that required shape. She used metaphors that resonated with me instantly. She described flashes of past lives that permeated the veil.

All the while, the energy in the room was electric. I was elated at the humor and levity surrounding us, infusing pure joy into an experience that might otherwise feel intense or even overwhelming. Our laughter was so abundant that it was no surprise at all when Trickster Coyote’s image appeared on the card drawn toward the end. (This was the same card marked with the Sacred 13).

When we closed the session and transitioned back to the earthly plane, it was unbelievable to me that only one hour had passed. This was surely the most informative, profound, and delightful single hour that my memory recalls in recent times. Jane Anne is undoubtedly a highly gifted reader, able to communicate with the wild beyond. And one of her most valuable gifts is that she can translate what she sees in a way that is completely approachable and accessible regardless of one’s background, discipline, or spiritual inclinations.

I am deeply grateful to Jane Anne for sharing this wisdom with an exuberant generosity of spirit. There is no doubt that my relationship to myself and my purpose is forever changed and fortified as a result of this experience.   ~ Lauren